2 thoughts on “Should The Government Be Involved In Civic Engagement?”

  1. Government-sponsored civic engagement can certainly be manipulated, but surely there is room for both approaches. Government should consult with citizens in a meaningful way, but citizens also have to act independently of government to make sure government hears what it might not want to.

  2. I agree with Wayne Smith. I think there is room for a more “formalized” way to connect citizens with their government, and at the same time would want nothing to happen that would discourage the “Margaret Mead” type of citizen actions- citizens spontaneously connecting to address their civic concerns. People could “choose” to engage through all kinds of channels. I think it would be really interesting to hear what Phil Stewart thinks about this blog topic, as he has spent a lot of time considering ways to bring the deliberations of National Issues Forums to the attention of policymakers. Happy New Year!

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