5 thoughts on “Does Politics Understand Engagement?”

  1. The idea of a White House-level “Office of Civic Engagement,” is just as flawed as Bush’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. The last things we need is more government in our private lives.

  2. Hi Brad,
    I’m not trying to be a fuddy-duddy former English major, but I’m honestly not sure what you mean with the word “politics” in your title “Does Politics Understand Engagement?” I think it is useful to ask people why they have typically been dissatisfied with so-called “public meetings”, which were conducted in ways that no thinking person would call public. Most people haven’t made a habit of citizen engagement. That’s a challenge for sure.

    By the way, you know a person is an English major when they read a bumper sticker and there first reaction is that a comma is missing. (I read this in The Vent in the Atlanta Journal Constitution)

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Margherita, by “politics” I mean “the system of electoral and campaign politics” aka “what most people mean when they sniff, ‘politics!'”

  4. Thanks Brad – Then I think the answer to your title’s question is clearly “No.” So if the White House “Office of Civic Engagement” reflects the politics you have defined, it won’t bode well for democracy.

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