Friday Update — 1-9-09


Here are a couple of recent posts from my daily blog that I thought might interest you.

  1. I used to be in an “entourage.” It wasn’t a star’s coterie, but a charismatic business person leading a startup. The time has stuck with me over many years. Very strange. More here: In The Entourage

  2. I work on the periphery of the world of philanthropy. I notice that, with the tough times, the trend of risk aversion from philanthropies has increased exponentially. But who else can take risks in the independent sector, if not endowed organizations? More here: Philanthropy’s Unique Advantage

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(My plan is to send you a recap like this each Friday at 11 am. This is a test to see how it goes. I may change that schedule.)

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Brad Rourke

Director of external affairs and DC operations at the Kettering Foundation.

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