Selling To Business And Thinking About Using Social Media? You’re LATE.

A remarkable report crossed my desk from the Groundswell folks at Forrester Research. It’s a study of the social media habits of a representative sample of business-to-business buyers.

These are the folks you imagine are dry. Buying stuff for their company, from other companies. Where’s the innovation to be had there?

Well, you’d be surprised. This group of people are among the most socially active. Fully 91% of them use some form of social media — 69% are using it for business purposes. This isn’t just sucking time with FaceBook. “This means you can count on the fact that your buyers are reading blogs, watching user generated video, and participating in other social media,” according to the Groundswell blog post.

A key finding of the report:

If you’re a B2B marketer and you’re not using social technologies in your marketing, it means you’re late. We’ve seen a lot of excellent activity here from the likes of Dell and National Instruments (both won Forrester Groundswell awards) but a lot of the blogs, communities, and other social outreach from business to business companies is less than mature, to say the least. This is your chance to stand out. Take this report and show it to your boss to convince her that it’s time to get started.

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