How To Dice An Onion

I know normally this space is devoted to discussions about issues that affect nonprofits, philanthropy, and community-based organizations.

But I like to change things up once and a while so I made this video that shows my favorite, sure-fire, simple way to dice an onion. Watch:

Before I learned this, I always was unsure just how I should really go about dicing an onion — I could do onion-ring slices, but the dice never was even. It caused me great anxiety.

This method works like a charm.

(Like that cool knife I am using? It’s a Santoku knife by Pampered Chef. My friend Monique turned me onto it.)

A friend asked me if I was going to demonstrate Julia Child’s method. I don’t know if this is hers or not, maybe someone can let me know?

6 thoughts on “How To Dice An Onion”

  1. You rock, Brad! Everything in your latest email interested me — even (and perhaps especially) this great onion trick. I’m always cooking with garlic and onions, so this is great.

    Now I just need one of those knives…

  2. An oddly satisfying way to start my Monday morning workday! Now, I will always think of you when dicing onions just as I always think of my friend, Andrea, when chopping carrots!

  3. Nice tips Brad. I like the way the root knob holds the whole thing together until the very end.

    I learned a trick on how to get the most juice out of a lemon. Before cutting the lemon up, roll it around a bit appling pressure with your hand. This kind of breaks it down inside so more juice is released when you squeeze it.

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