One thought on “Do Organizations Get A Failing Grade For Civic Engagement?”

  1. Brad, I agree with this completely. I was just having a conversation the other day with one of our good friends about this very point! I think the role institutions can play is to help catalyze, strengthen, and support “civic” engagement (I actually prefer the term community engagement). The whole notion of social change or a social movement is that it’s built from the ground up, not driven by institutions. Institutions in of of themselves cannot create this kind of movement; there has to be something more there.

    I think we in the civic engagement world (I include myself in this) need to be doing more to figure out how we connect engagement with the issues/problems that people want to tackle and the change they want to see. We need to get out in the world of real people who are living their lives and also the worlds of people who work in good-intentioned institutions and better understand the realities they face. Otherwise we, the civic engagement early adopter-types, end up spending all of our time talking to one and bemoaning how the rest of world “just doesn’t get it.” And in the meantime, nothing changes.

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