My New Facebook Public Profile

I’ve been dithering about this for months now, even though my friend Angelique has been telling me I need to do it.

But I finally went ahead and created a “public profile” on Facebook. The difference between that and just a regular profile is that anyone can “become a fan” of my public profile, while if you want to “friend” my regular profile I have to approve you.

My vision for the public profile is to make it one of the main social network nodes in my digital life. I really want to add lots of useful, interesting, informative, and fun material to it.

But I’m a bit at a loss as to what that will look like. So far, I am importing my blog posts (so you may in fact be reading this on the public page already and I have posted a question on the “discussion boards.”

Me brooding at the Harwood Public Innovators Summit. Photo by Aaron Leavy.
Me brooding at the Harwood Public Innovators Summit. This is the icon for my new "public profile" page at Facebook. Photo by Aaron Leavy.

I need your help. What else should I be doing? If you click on the discussion board link, it’ll take you to my post asking that very question. If you wouldn’t mind, try answering over there.

This is all experimental! Maybe it will work and become a really cool hangout. Or maybe it just won’t be dreadful. Or, over time, I’ll see it’s not worthwhile at all. Help me out and let’s find out!

P.S. So you can tell the difference between my “personal” Facebook profile and my “public” page, I am using different profile images. My personal one is the familiar Brad-smiling-at-you photo, taken by my friend Eric Jensen (and it’s also used in the liner notes of my band’s latest CD).

My public page image is a shot taken at the most recent Harwood Public Innovators Summit by my friend Aaron Leavy. It’s me being all broody and thoughtful. I thought it might inspire, you know, thoughtfulness or something.

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