3 thoughts on “Ordinary People Stepping Into Public Life”

  1. Temperance is an eloquent and passionate advocate who is well-deserving of your praise, Brad. Thank you for this piece and giving us all the opportunity to speak–and be heard–through your blog.

  2. Great Post;
    I can certainly agree with the subject. Very good outlook and if only there where more,that had the same outlook. Of course that is what makes us so unique.
    Since we are a republic, it the responsibility of the leaders to weigh what they think is correct and act on that.
    Thanks for the great article.

  3. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of this whole exposition. I am reminded of a thought I have had from time to time, that though I may agree or disagree with, for instance. President Bush, on certain subjects, I would reeeallly hesitate to step into his shoes and face the difficult situations he has faced for all of us. So, I am just grateful that he was willing to “do the job” for us, and take the falk that from time to time goes with it. As a boy, our President’s name for a time was Truman, and our family, being Republican, I had a rather poor opinion of him. Then I read a book titled “Truman”, that laid out what an unselfish man he was — retiring from the presidency with no pension, and was essentially a “poor” man, considering the exalted positions he had served in. During World War I, he was old enough he didn’t have to join the army—but he did. In those days, according to the book, the enlisted men ELECTED their officers, and he was elected. My understanding is that he and another fellow came up with the idea that turned into Post Exchanges for his men. Anyway, enough. I am just grateful we have some men and women unselfish enough to serve in these controversial posts.

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