Vibram Five Fingers Shoes — My Review

Many of my friends (both in-person and on Facebook) know that a couple of months ago I bought the strangest looking shoes you can imagine: shoes with toes. They’re called Vibram Five Fingers.

Before I told you what I thought of them, I wanted to wear them for a goodly period of time, to be fair. I wanted to get past the novelty factor as well as the strangeness of wearing shoes with toes.

Here’s my video review:

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes — Review from Brad Rourke on Vimeo.

Bottom line: They aren’t for everyone, but I really love them.

At a minimum, they are incredible conversation starters! Everywhere I go someone wants to talk to me about my feet.

P.S. Sadly, I shot the video in 16×9 and somehow it ended up 4×3 . . . so I am all squishy. You will just have to deal.

Published by

Brad Rourke

Executive editor of issue guides and program officer at the Kettering Foundation.

4 thoughts on “Vibram Five Fingers Shoes — My Review”

  1. Nice review, Brad!

    Incidentally, people with longer second toes can wear VFFs, they just need to get a size that is long enough to accommodate their longest toe. I’ve even seen someone with webbed toes mod his VFFs to work.

    Unfortunately, the antimicrobial stuff doesn’t always work forever, either — there are many, many tails out there of people with seriously stinky fivefingers.

    Anyway, I’ll throw up a link to your video review/blog on my latest reviews post on this upcoming Sunday – keep an eye out for it!


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