5 thoughts on “On Mannakee Circle”

  1. i live near this circle too and do enjoy having this place as part of our neighborhood. in contrast to the circle outside my office, at dupont circle, washington, dc, this “mannakee circle” is distincltly different. a few observations on these roundabouts:
    – there are studies that show that roundabouts save energy, compared to conventional 4 way stops, given the ability to keep vehicles going without starting / stopping. not to mention the advantages of more green space around our homes.
    – inwardly or outwardly focused? at dupont circle, the benches face the center so viewing out is not as prevalent; the central fountain is the focus. do we want to sit and watch the traffic or turn our back to it?
    – it is good to hear that you play music there; i often drive by and think that would be a nice place to sit and make some music. i also like to look into brad’s house when i drive by and see his guitar hanging on the wall.

    thanx for the insight.

  2. Congratulations on finding a great name for your new venture…and a wonderful community upon which to base your name!

    You may or may not remember Marin Circle. It is so very much the same thing…with the very European fountain (but with bears bearing water) between the two fountain tiers. In winter, mostly lonely. Sometimes enjoying a cleaning. In the hottest weather (usually sept/oct) it does draw people seeking respite. Very elegant and lit at night…authentically old world…no one in a new tract could ever achieve this kind of stable and strange community center.

    Primary beauty of such places – they lift up our hearts to the center.
    That is, we all share centers (even as we drive) that can serve a critical purpose simply by means of a geometric function. Within the same space a straight roadway would elminate the “heart” and civic connection.

    You might remember Indian Rock. Kerrigan consistently takes his cello and walks from our house to Indian Rock, climbs it, and plays cello
    atop Indian Rock for whoever happens to appear. Yep, he is that kind of koolkid!


  3. This is indeed a great park, and goes by several names as you state. Before it was named Peg Sante Park, kids called it circle park, and it is listed as Henderson Circle on the plot. A windmill-powered well was located there before the city proved water service in the neighborhood. We investigated having the block party there, and noted that utilities are available in the lampost. So a concert there could be electrified.

    The developer had two other circles planned for the neighborhood, and Bouic Circle appears in name only on the five way corner of Laird, Lynch, Luckett and Anderson.

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