What Public Officials Want To Know About New Technology

My latest piece is posted at Public Square Today, my blog at Washington Times Communities:

What Public Officials Want To Know About New Technology

So, this is the Internet? by Flickr user NJLA
"So, this is the Internet?" by Flickr user NJLA

In a workshop last week on new technology for engagement at the National League of Cities conference in San Antonio, we had a room full of more than a hundred mayors, city council members, and other municipal officials from across the nation. We thought it would be a good idea to start the session out by asking them to tell us the one question they were hoping would be answered when it comes to new technologies. We passed out index cards and asked them to write it down. We got sixty back, about two thirds of the audience.

What we got in return was a snapshot of public leaders’ anxieties when it comes to integrating new technologies into existing operations. They shook out into four basic areas: Finance; Reach; Implemenation and Use; and Legal and Security.

I go into detail on these at the article here. Take a look!

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