Join Me for a Session with Seth Godin in DC – Free!

seth godin
"seth godin' by Flickr user @MSG

I was very excited when I learned that a singular thinker in marketing, Seth Godin, was planning a road trip where he would be leading all-day sessions that would be open to the public. I immediately signed up for the July 22 session in DC at the historic Warner Theater.

Turns out that the theater has some open seats available, and Seth is allowing paid ticket-holders to bring guests for the morning session (the afternoon session is more intimate).

I know many of my friends and colleagues are also Seth devotees, so I wanted to make this offer available to my network.

Here is more detail on the session. It’s July 22, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

This is a really amazing opportunity to see an incredible thinker, in person, for free.

If you are interested in coming with me, and we know one another, and you can be in DC on July 22, let me know. Hurry!

(I can’t promise that everyone who responds will get to go, because I don’t know what the response will be. And no I won’t put you up if you are traveling, sorry.)

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