I Had A Good Year. Thank You, and You, and You, and YOU.

Thanks for a great 2010!

It’s the last day of the year. Like many others, I am thinking back on how it went.

Like Seth Godin, I am focusing on what I accomplished. While my sensations and experiences as I went through 2010 were mixed (there were times when it felt very hard), when I look objectively at all that got done, I am pleased with all that I was able to complete and ship.

What Got Shipped

Here, in reverse chronological order, and a mixture of professional as well as personal, are the highlights of my year:

I think there may be other items, but these are the main ones and I can honestly say I am happy with them.

My Message To You

That’s the “results” side of 2010. There’s another piece of 2010 that I count as one of the most significant developments. For many of us, 2010 was the year our online social interactions exploded. I know that, for myself, I am deeply grateful to everyone with whom I interact with (some of you on a daily basis) online.

This aspect of my daily life has been an important factor in improving the quality of my life.

And so, I have recorded this quick video which is my message to YOU.

Have a great 2011!

Published by

Brad Rourke

Executive editor of issue guides and program officer at the Kettering Foundation.

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