7 thoughts on “How-To: Framing Issues For Public Deliberation”

  1. Oh this is great. I haven’t looked at it, but may be helpful for our class! I’m a new convert to Prezi. Looking forward to having you here later this semester!

  2. Hi Brad,
    I’m teaching my Social Problems class how to name and frame social issues with the goal being for them to produce a short issue guidebook on a local issue. I will definitely have my students take a look at your prezi!

  3. Let me know if students have questions/comments, I would be happy to keep a dialogue going. They should also feel free to post comments. Could do a group video or a new post, too.

  4. Hi Brad,
    Great and helpfull presentation. It is something we do, but not always realise. Your presentation helps thinking about how to get people involved

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