4 thoughts on “The Deal Is Falling Apart: Seven Concerns About The Future”

  1. Hi Brad, (I put this long response on Facebook too, but maybe it sits better here. Anyway, thanks for stimulating me to write this!)
    Thanks for this overview of the seven main concerns. I feel you have summarized it
    very well. These points do ring true for many, many people, not only in
    the US. I feel it’s time to each shift our personal perspective and play
    a bigger game, not depend on ‘the powers that be’, because truly, they don’t hold the power. I don’t mean rebel, but
    act with integrity.
    We each need to become personal leaders in this world and dig deep for
    what we know and feel is ‘right’ and act on it. Like I said, I don’t mean rebel, but
    act with integrity. There are better ‘rules’ – I would call them values –
    with which to make a New Deal about caring for each other and our
    world. Beneath the surface of all of this ‘mess’ I believe Americans
    still know and have those values. We need to trust our own intuition and
    ‘what feels right’; then Go For It without blaming or relying on those
    we feel we can’t trust anymore. We have to take personal responsibility
    for what is happening and find new ways to work together collectively.
    The elite may look like they are doing ‘OK’. They are not. They are
    just as scared of losing everything they care about as you or I. If we
    dig deep within ourselves, we will find we all share the same fears.
    What we are seeing in others we have in ourselves. We are all human.
    Blaming others is a waste of good energy. Within all the bad stuff that
    people appear to do is simply fear, that’s all that motivates them.
    Thankfully, we each have free choice of our personal mind-set and how we
    want to move forward. It can take courage to stop blaming and to speak
    out about deeper values… Place our energy and focus there… If
    we see bad stuff going on in the world and don’t see beyond that to
    ‘What Could Be’… we’ll be stuck with the bad stuff. If we can imagine a
    new and better world or country it is possible. Early settlers in the
    United States proved that. To me, (looking from across the pond) this is
    what America is all about. Personal attitudes and actions do count. What sort of country do you want?
    You’ve assessed the current situation. How about turning those views
    around into an inspired vision. If you don’t want those seven concerns
    to continue, what are the ideal alternatives? What do you choose: Continued fear and blame or shifting to New Inspiration, a New Day, a New Deal?

  2. Well, Brad…I think this list gives us quite a bit to chew on, even without adding any more items to despair. You (and John and John and Steve) have accurately analyzed some significant problems in our current ‘macro’ world…but I would ask you and your colleagues to check out these same concerns in the ‘micro’ world of local communities as well. It’s been my observation that many (if not all) of these ‘macro’ negatives are actually ‘micro’ positives. Local neighborhoods and communities are the actual fabric of our society…and this is the venue of optimism these days as citizens and leaders work together in new ways to solve the problems that have trickled down to them.

    This is why in most of my writing and deliberative practice I focus on this mantra: ‘build a great community…together.’ If we were to encourage and support public engagement at a local level all around the country…and then linked these efforts in innovative digital networks…we could actually see some hope of turning these troubling trends around.

  3. I had intended only to skim this post, but I was compelled to read it to the end, every word. Both insightful and depressing.

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