4 thoughts on “Shared Problems and Public Deliberation”

  1. Brad,
    This chart is helpful, thank you! I wonder though why “climate change” is not in the “must” column? Sea level rise is there, and the experts say that anthropogenic climate change is the major reason for sea level rise. Yes, climate disruption is a long term, complicated problem that is so not easy to comprehend as is something visible to everyone like Miami streets underwater, but it is bigger. And addressing it more broadly is a necessary condition for an adequate response to sea level changes.

    Walter Wright

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. It is certainly possible to argue with the placement of the various blobs . . . the point I was trying to get across with the placement of “climate change” is that there is not (yet) “broad and universal community agreement” that this is a problem that MUST be worked on. I know of a number of communities, for example, in which most everyone would agree “we need to do something about sea level rise” but where you would not get the same agreement about the statement “we need to do something about climate change.”

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