2,000 Daily Letters

Some of my friends know that some years ago I began writing a daily “Letter to God” every morning, without fail, as a part of my morning spiritual practice. I share them freely with anyone who wants to see them here: https://letters-to-god.com/. (At the site you can sign up for the daily email for free.)

This morning I wrote Letter #2,000.

Letter #1 (left), Letter #2,000 (right)

While it may seem remarkable to do something daily for so long, in reality it is simple. I set the bar for myself very low: the letter simply has to exist. It can be as short as necessary.

If you are searching for a regular spiritual practice, you might try picking something easy that you can do daily, and seeing what happens when you try it for a week or two. That is how I started, back in January 2015.

If you are curious, or have your own practice to share, please feel free to drop me a line.

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Brad Rourke

Director of external affairs and DC operations at the Kettering Foundation.

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