2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Civic Muscle”

  1. Brad: A very interesting metaphor for wrapping your brain around serious social challenges. I see yet another dimension of the metaphor. Physical muscles have special jobs to do, and when called on to perform beyond the boundaries of their design, injury could result. Most anatomy is congruent, si if your left arm has a torn muscle, and you continue to perform, chances are you will overtax your right arm. I maintain that this is true of both organisms and organizations. Organisms will atrophy through lack of use or misuse. For an organization, the first symptom of atrophy is apathy resulting from failed attempts to implement their agendas. I’m sure you are familiar with Albert E’s definition of doing the same thing and expecting the results to be different.

    So, rather than trying to reconcile differences in agendas, civic muscle begins with comparing core values and capitalizing on the similarities. There are threads of sameness in the different fabrics of politics, theology, history, culture, economics and governance. A very strong civic muscle evolved through a simple agreement between people. “BLACK LIVES MATTER”

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