Now Appearing At Rockville Living: Me

Today, we launched a new online magazine in Rockville that I am very excited about. It’s a brand-new magazine within the town’s go-to business and events website Rockville Living. I am the Tech Topics editor and my first piece is an interview with two brand-new iPad owners (and Apple fanboys).

I am excited about this effort for a few reasons.

rlFirst, I get to work with great people. In addition to my longtime colleague Cindy Cotte Griffiths (who co-manages Rockville Central with me and with whom I have worked on lots of other civic efforts), I get to share space with local preservationist and gourmand Max van Balgooy,  cyclist Paul Triolo, DIY gardener Diane Stuart, and — last but not least — the architect of the whole thing, Helen Triolo.

Helen has long been an inspiration for me as she has steadfastly built Rockville Living, the most important business and consumer-oriented site in Rockville, by providing a great resource and being relentlessly positive.

Here’s the rundown of this month’s articles, section by section:

Cindy has written a wonderful post on her personal blog describing her thoughts on the new magazine, which includes this:

At Rockville Living all the editors . . . [are] a team working together to promote the magazine and website. We help each other with facts for articles and suggestions for interviews, while depending on each other for encouragement and help. The more successful the site becomes with advertising, the more we will be paid. The very basis of this financial structure forces us to work as a team for success and improvement. We’re all in it together for each other and our community.

I could not say it better myself.

Thanks, Helen, for this terrific opportunity!