Taxonomy of Social Networking Sites

I have been exploring social networking sites on the Internets! Here is my recap of what I have found:

  • MySpace: A singles’ bar with a band
  • LinkedIn: A Chamber of Commerce breakfast
  • Orkut: A cipher from Google
  • Gather: A book club or a poetry reading
  • Facebook: The undergrad library

Bottom line: If you do not have one already, you need a Facebook.

Taxonomy of Hotel Internet

I’ve been travelling again. It’s got me thinking about different kinds of hotel internet access:

I see four basic kinds:

  • Just plain on — This is great, but unusual. Walk into the hotel room, flip on your laptop, find wireless network, connect, go.
  • Free but signup — Courtyard by Marriott has this. It’s quite good. You need to sign on, but once you’re on, it works pretty bulletproof. Plus, you have a choice between wired and wireless.
  • Outside vendor — I was in a hotel recently that had teamed up with T-Mobile. I had to sign up for a daypass from T-mobile to use Internet. A bit of a pain (and I did not like paying), but it worked.
  • Fancy hotel, in house system, barely works — That’s where I am now. I paid $12.95 for a system where I had to sign up through multiple screens including pop-ups, could only use wired (no wireless available at all) and . . . once I was on, the connection failed reliably every four minutes or so. Come on, people!

Let me know in the comments what kinds I’ve missed!

Taxonomy of Project Managers

Like many of my friends, I am a “consultant,” which means I work on “projects” for “clients.” Those clients are typically organizations. My point of contact is usually a “project manager.” I’ve encountered six kinds:

  • Dishrags — Totally passive. See their role as “passing on feedback.” Can’t take a stand and don’t control process. Random problems crop up due to fringe opinion at odd times.
  • Bureaucrats — Burned out, tired. Avoid responsibility by appearing to be responsive.
  • Shotgun — Keep sending everything to everybody. In pursuit of a freewheeling ethos where everyone feels really busy but nothing happens.
  • Meeting Makers — Too collaborative and methodical. Seek consensus on every move through conference calls and meetings. Good . . . but sloooww.
  • Iron Fist — So tightly control the process that no one is sure what is happening. Only point of contact; nothing gets by them. All decisions are theirs. Often surprises from the boss at the end…she or he has not been kept in the loop.
  • Good! — “Sweet Spot” between Iron Fist and Shotgun. They will make decisions, but they know when to bring in others in their organization. They have ownership of the project, but know that it’s not just their show. The project gets done.

No doubt there are more…what kind of project managers have you encountered?

Taxonomy of Bloggers

A simple taxonomy of the different blogs out there in the public sphere.

  • Annotator and Pointer: InstaPundit, Atrios, Drudge
  • Thoughtful Response: Mark Schmitt, Talking Points Memo, PowerLine, Captain’s Quarters
  • Secret Expertise: Brad DeLong, Mystery Pollster
  • Pot-Stirrer: Michelle Malkin, DailyKOS
  • Omnivorous Essayist: Dynamist, Redeeming Hope, Think Again (Stanley Fish), Bitch Ph.D.
  • Newsroom Bullpen: The Corner, TAPped, The Lede (NYT), The Note (ABC)
  • Behind The Curtain: Raw Fisher, Political Muscle (Salladay on Calif. Politics)
  • Fringe Conversation: MyDD, Redstate, Democrat Underground

Just my take.